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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bailey Orion Evo 4

Came across this link on Practical Caravan for a new Orion that appears to be in the pipeline,the Orion Evo 4.

No one,outside Bailey presumably,seems to know what the Evo 4 denotes,a super-duper Orion or a bare bones version perhaps,all the options at that particular price mark seem to be covered with the present range so who knows.

Will some of the present range be deleted??

Perhaps it will include ATC,Tracker/Phantom and alarm as standard??

Twin axle ??

Is there an Orion Evo1,2 and 3 or even a 5 ??

Is it just a drawing board project or will it go into production ??

Nothing else on Google.

Will post any further information as available.


1 comment:

  1. All has been revealed - see CaravanTimes for all the details and exclusive photos:$21381013.htm