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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Skint ??

It struck me,as it has before,when visiting the dealers today that,according to the media, we are all supposed to be skint,broke,call it what you will but on every visit there are always plenty of cars in the car park and a healthy number of people looking round the vans on show.

I read somewhere,CC Magazine perhaps,that Bailey took £13 million pounds worth of orders at the NEC caravan show and Swift did over £20 million pounds worth,so a lot of people are riding the slump and to be personal I suppose we aren't doing too badly.

Glancing at the new and second hand vans on display,even though we drive what I would call a reasonably powered 2.0L diesel Jetta that we wouldn't have been able to tow the vast majority of vans that were there ( according to the 85% guidance ) so people must be driving and fuelling some powerful vehicles to tow these beasts.

The Bailey Orion seems well suited to us.

Just a thought in passing.



  1. Perhaps they are all retired public service employs spending the gold plated pensions!!!
    Only joking, had a Clarkeson moment.

    I have had my estate new from 2004 and chose the Bailey once I worked out what it would tow and not the other way round... get the van then the BIG car.... or not to tow it.

    As like you, I am new to caravaning, I am amazed at the amount of big vans getting towed by too small a vehicle or well above the 85% guide. if that makes sense.)

    Regards Dave.

  2. Dave,

    Yes the gold ( I've even seen it described as platinum ) pension does help,LOL.

    I agree the 85% advice does appear to get roundly ignored on a regular basis but,as I said in a previous rant,err post,there must be many people who just buy a van,any van,hitch it up and away they go,ignorance is bliss as they say until they come a cropper.