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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

We Survived.

Well we survived our first weekend in the new Orion,it was a very blustery,if thankfully short,tow home.

Called to weigh the van on our way back to storage and fortunately we are well underweight.

We learnt a lot in our two nights the van turned out to have or two faults,nothing major but it is returning to the dealers at the end of the month for them sorting out.

I will list them if only to advise other owners what to look out for perhaps:-

1.Extra plug socket installed by dealer under the rear dinette,no power.

2.Grill won't light,worked the first morning no problem but not the second.There is gas and a spark but the two don't seem to want to come together.

3.The Reich mover only works when it wants to,which is infrequently.

4.When I came to empty the Thetford toilet cassette the locker was swimming in flush ( not the other stuff ). Coincidentally there was a two berth Orion parked next door and they said they had had the same problem.

5.The TV ariel socket broke.

6.The left hand burner on the hob takes an age to keep pressed in before it will stay alight.

7.The paint is chipping off the venetian blind.

Two minor grouses,the steady winder contraption is a load of garbage.Takes the strength of six to compress the spring and if you aren't careful it traps your skin,do not ask me how I know this,off to B&Q or Halfords today to find a replacement,perhaps a cordless drill.

I wish the front storage locker door was twice the size.Trying to put in and locate stuff in quite a roomy space is like trying to decorate your house via the letterbox.

Oh and I can see why people prefer a fixed island bed in the larger vans.

Seems like a list of complaints but it isn't really we had a lovely time and overall,despite the above,the van lived up to our expectations.



  1. Hello Ian.
    I am about to pick up my 440-4 next weekend so I have been following your blog with interest.
    Re the front locker, why dont you section off the locker with a bit of ply and a plastic tray on the floor and use the left side as a wet locker and use the right side as storage from within the van lifting the seat for access?
    What do you want a tv for, thought you'd be on your second honeymoon again all this time on your hands!!!!!lol

  2. If the vans rocking no one will come knocking.

  3. Anon,

    Splitting the front locker doesn't really solve the problem of limited access via the locker door.The storage that there is is fine it it just the size of the door to get to it.

    Not done any "rocking" yet,too tired putting the awning up.