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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Takes Some Sorting!!

Spent a few hours in the new van today getting things shipshape as we are have the maiden voyage for a couple of nights at the weekend.

Sending/registering warranties for various things is a bit tedious but necessary.

We have an Isabella Magnum porch awning and one thing which amazed me is the sheer size and weight of the thing,and this is a porch awning,goodness knows what a full size is like,and it has carbon fibre poles so should be a bit lighter.

When I did my CC course the instructor said the best place to transport the awning was on the back seat of the car,I can see why now.

I think it would be better with its own trailer.



  1. We have a full awning (and a porch awning for weekends) and carry it on the floor behind the front seats of the car. Need the back seat for the dog.
    Have carried the awning in the van (at the front) and still didn't exceed the max noseweight.
    Be interested to hear what your noseweight is when loaded. I find I need to put everything up front to achieve a 7% noseweight.

  2. Colin,

    Checked the N/W yesterday whilst tinkering about and it was about 70Kgish ( the car manual states not in excess of 75Kg )not fully loaded of course but as the Orion doesn't have a front locker there is not a lot extra to go at the front.Admittedly the Wastemaster and Aquaroll were in the rear shower giving some rear loading,will probably move these over the axle for travelling.The carpet was rolled up at the rear as well so hopefully it should work out OK.

    I am taking the van and the car to be weighed on Monday just to make sure we aren't overloaded.

    Will post the N/W fully loaded for your information after the weekend.