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Friday, 16 September 2011

Toilet Tales & Winding Handles

As mentioned in my previous post we had trouble with the khazi in that it leaked flush into the cassette compartment.Having since had a scout about on the 'net I have discovered that this is not an unusual problem.In fact there seem to be quite a few problems with the C-250 Thetford toilet as fitted to the Orion.Having said that one has to bear in mind that people whose toilets work without any problem are unlikely to post to forums etc. to say so,so forum skew may well apply here.

When we collected the Orion the dealer showed us how to work the toilet but as with so many things there was a lot to remember so I thought I would look in the Bailey Orion Handbook.

Not a whisper about the bog,one would think that using it was an option not a bodily necessity.

Anyway having had a rummage around on the Thetford site I found some instructions in the form of .pdfs

One of the things I was keen on finding out was the capacity of the flush tank as the pink stuff has to be added at so many mls. per litre,this I discovered is 8 Iitres, I will write it on the inside of the flush tank door.

Other little gems were that the blue/green stuff MUST be added via the spout and not the blade hole and that two litres of water have to be added to the green/blue stuff in the cassette to start it off.

How you are supposed to find all this out if you are not on-line or don't have the time or inclination to go looking for it I don't know.

Through the post this morning came a new steady winding handle as a replacement for the hand-wrecking implement supplied by Bailey.I went for one of these Alk-Ko jobbies:-


The Caravan Shop in Glasgow once again was excellent with good price and prompt delivery.

If anyone has a desire for the hand-wrecking implement then drop me an e-mail and you are welcome to it.



  1. Get yourself a small cordless drill/ driver and a wheel nut adaptor - available from most accessory shops on line. It certainly saves a lot of effort although you will probably still need the manual handle for final tightening. - a Li-Ion drill is best if you can find one cheap enough - I've got a small Draper which is excellent but I did get it very cheap just before Focus went bust!

  2. Just come back from our first week away with our 440-4.
    We offer the following observations:

    Towing with an Audi A3 is no problem at all. We've covered around 1000 miles since we picked the Bailey up on 3/9/11 and the driving has been shared equally between us.

    The water tastes slightly of TCP - I have read that this is a common problem and I hope it will reduce as we pump more water through the system. Otherwise it is bottled water for us.

    Carol has already modified the rear bed by pinning ,later to be stitched, a long length of velcro to the triangular cushion and seat back cushion in an attempt to stop the outside cushion falling on the floor in the night. This works very well along with a fitted double bed sheet.
    The front bed is more comfortable than the back bed, though.

    We had no problems with the leg winder - to tell the truth I forgot to pack it away and left it in a field somewhere in Lincolnshire. A £10 Halfords wheel brace does the job admirably.

    Carol agrees with the comment about checking the water in the Aquaroll before getting soaped up in the shower. Guess who was sent across the field to fetch more water?

    During our week in the North East we were hit by the tail end of Katia. Huge winds - very worrying. We sat out one day and night in extremely high winds before we bit the bullet and turned the 'van around and put the pointy end into the gale. That made all the difference.

    The shared grill and oven is not perfect, but I guess that's what you get in a base model 'van.

    The whole thing is clearly made down to a price (and a mass), though it's none the worse for that.

    All in all we love it and it's parked outside the house tonight just so as we can clean it before we put it back into storage.

    Where to go next, that's the question????

    Paul and Carol

  3. Paul & Carol,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your van.
    Can't agree about the supplied leg-winder,it is an evil implement.Incidentally I was browsing the Bailey parts site and noticed that to buy one is about £31 so you left a bit of brass in Lincolnshire.If you want to replace it you can have mine for the postage.
    Good idea about the Velcro and the cushion,ours kept falling out as well.


  4. Why must the additive be added via the spout? Can't see why it would matter, I put mine in the blade hole.

    I have a cushion that used to move about but velcro didn't help. Gaffa tape did though!

  5. Colin,
    According to the Thetford .pdf here :-

    it is via the spout only.


  6. Colin 21 September 2011 23:27
    The cassette fluid can damage the blade seal, use the spout.