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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Our First Outing

Well our first caravanning weekend is drawing to a close and we depart for home in the morning.Not that we have far to go being at Nostell Priory in West Yorkshire and we only live in Wakefield about six miles away.

We have learnt a lot this weekend the climax being erecting and dismantling the awning,about 1.5hrs to put it up and about  0.5hrs to take it down,both in the same day as high winds are forecast for tomorrow and we didn't want to risk it tearing or flapping about.It was definitely easier than we thought but I had labelled the poles first.

Just one problem with the van in that I had three extra plug sockets installed and one of them doesn't work so I suppose it will have to go back to the dealer to be sorted.The Reich mover was a bit hit and miss as well but that may have been us so we will see how it goes.Everything else worked fine,just have to remember to make sure the Aquaroll is full before getting soaped up in the shower.

People were very helpful yesterday when we were setting up and trying to level the van on a sloping pitch.

Going to call for the van and van/car to be weighed on the way home tomorrow just to check we are not overloaded.

Here's to our next trip.



  1. And another Orion for company :)

    Van looks a bit high at the rear, did you check it with a spirit level?

  2. Colin,

    It was quite a sloping pitch and yes it was level with a spirit level.