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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Anyone Want A List ?

During our first and only foray last week I found myself running around trying to remember what to do and the order to do it in ( eg don't put the pump on before the Aqua-Roll is full ).

With this in mind I have produced three checklists,one for hitching up,one for setting up and one for departure.

I intend to laminate them and keep in the car or van.

As time goes by I imagine they will become redundant but for the immediate future I hope to find them useful.

If anyone wants a copy of one or all of them I will gladly e-mail them one.Obviously they can be adapted or added to as one sees fit for your own personal preferences but at least they will give a basis for a bit of order which I feel I was lacking.

I use Open Office so they are in .odt format but I can convert them to .doc for Word use,just let me know.

Any feedback as to what I have forgotten would be most welcome.



  1. Something I've always meant to do but never got round to it!

    Word format for me please :)


  2. Colin,

    I can't seem to e-mail you from within the blog,so if you could e-mail me I will send you your lists pronto,and a .pdf of the Thetford toilet instructions.


  3. Hi Ian, can't see your email address, perhaps I'm blind lol

    My address is


  4. Hi Ian.

    Enjoying the blog so far :)

    we pick our Orion 450/5 up in 3 weeks, and being new to caravans and towing I'm a little nervious about what the whole experience will be like.

    especially remembering how to set everything up

    if you could send me that list, that would be great :)

    my email is


  5. Steve,

    I was as anxious as you when we picked up the Orion,and it was very windy to boot.A bit sweaty palmed on the way home but no problems.Been to a local site and back and towed it to the dealers and back ( 80 miles round trip )and now it doesn't bother me half as much.
    Have you been on a Caravan Club course ??
    It is well worth booking on one if not,I learnt a lot and enjoyed it very much.


  6. Hi Ian
    Please may I have a copy of your check lists .
    Many Thanks