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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Barnard Castle

Just had five nights at the CC site on the outskirts of Barnard Castle in Teesdale and,despite the odd adverse comment on the CC review site we found it very pleasant site indeed being neat and tidy with a warm and spotlessly clean washblock.

The main complaints appear to be road noise if you pitch ( obviously ) adjacent to the road but we were further down the site and suffered no problem at all.

Don't look for it on Google Earth though,it isn't there.

There were no Orion problems but the TV lead that we expensively bought from the Scarborough site,gave up the ghost.

Amazingly the chap in the adjacent van was a retired TV engineer who appeared to bring his entire workshop with him and soon fitted our lead with new plugs ( metal ones at that ) and we were soon up and running again using a lead that I would probably have had to chuck away,well done that man.

At one time during our stay there were three Orions in a row,a 400/2 our 440/4 and a 430/4.

The chap in the 400/2 was a blog follower and the occupant of the 430/4 hopefully soon will be.

During our stay there was an enormous thunderstorm on the Saturday night which if our van or awning was prone to leaking would have surely showed it up,the site road was like a river with the amount of rain it put down in about half an hour.

We had a visit to Ropers caravan dealers in Catterick to see if they had the new Unicorn 3 in stock but to no avail,however the salesman said there are people ringing up daily about it and apart from a full range of demonstrators they have 120 on order.

Looks like being a winner if every dealer has a similar number.

Of course no visit to a dealer is complete without purchasing something whether you need it or not,and this was no different.

I purchased an Isabella Clicklight for use in the awning.

Isabella Clicklight

It is very useful but be careful how you detach it from the pole as it is easy to break the plastic as I discovered,all repaired now.

Of course being Isabella they aren't cheap but told SWMBO it was reduced in the sale ( of which there wasn't one ) so that little problem was taken care of.



  1. Unicorn 3 ! Does that mean BOB will become BUB ?

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