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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Scarborough ( West Ayton )

Just had a repeat vist to the above site for four nights in gloriously sunny weather.

Excellent site and not too far from the Park & Ride into Scarborough at the bargain price of £2.50 ( SWMBO got a discount with her geriatric bus pass,£1.10 ).

Took two grandkids for the first time,when the Valium wears off I suspect I will feel much better.

It did throw up though that we could probably do with a larger van especially as we now have a vehicle in the Alltrack capable of pulling one.

Will have a look at the Bailey Unicorn 3 when it appears at the dealers.

Anyway had one very minor glitch with the Orion in the fact that the 5A fuse for the hot water blew for some reason,replaced the fuse and all was well,weird.

When we were pitching up we couldn't find the TV hook up lead to connect to the bollard,looked everywhere,so made a purchase of £15 at the site shop for a replacement only to find it as we were packing up.

Felt a little better about it as our original lead wouldn't have reached the bollard anyway and the replacement was 25m long.

We use the shower as bedding storage and I managed to knock the shower on when it was full of bedding,oh deary me.

The Passat Alltrack is a fantastic tow car and pulls the Orion with ease,even with four passengers,stuffed full of luggage plus a full roofbox and two childrens bikes.

The auto/Tiptronic gearbox is a delight,why we persisit in waggling a stick on the floor to change gear is mystery with this amount of auto sophistication.

One thing I did notice on site was the number of very largish vans being pulled with very small towcars,didn't look anywhere near to the recommended 85% ratio ( yes I know it is just a guide for inexperienced tuggers ),must have been touching 100% in some cases or perhaps even 100% +.


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  1. Hi ian can u help us. We hsve recentky bought an orion 400 / 2. Where do you connect the tvaerial lead to inside the van when using the external hook up. We cannot find anywhere to connect to. Thanks Alan