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Saturday, 23 August 2014


Just had four nights at Beechwood Grange just outside York which it has to be said didn't pass off without one or two minor incidents.

First of all we arrived at storage to pick the Orion up only to discover I had left the caravan keys at home.

Fortunately I carry a spare set in the car glovebox so that saved the day.

Secondly,someone who shall remain nameless ( SWMBO ) managed to reverse our twelve week old Passat Alltrack into the caravan hitch,inflicting damage to the rear bumper.

As can be seen it's not massive damage,BUT IT'S A THREE MONTH OLD CAR !!!!

Managed to keep calm,just glad it wasn't me what did it,off to the reapair man after the Bank Holiday

Next,when we arrived on site I proceeded to put the awning up in the face of rapidly approaching black clouds only to find that for some reason some of the awning poles had got stuck inside each other and it took a great deal of effort to remove them,all this while the heavens opened.

Since returning home I have rubbed them down with WD40,hopefully it won't happen again.

Then I came to open our very expensive,top of the range Kamei Corvara roof box only to find that the lock had jammed and the key wouldn't turn.

As the box had within it the grandkids bedding,bicycles etc. ( oh yes we had two grand kids with us ) this was a sticky one,no amount of persuasion was going to make that bugger open.

After tussling with it for a while,SWMBO put in an appearance and I explained the dilemma,she looked at the box and said " You do know there is a lock on the other side",of course I did I was just waiting to see how long it would take her to spot it.

Anyway got the box open and after a few calls and e-mails to the Roof Box Company,it is going back to be replaced/repaired.

Don't you just love it when you spend shed loads of money on what you think are quality goods only to have them break.

Anyway the following day SWMBO was sat at the front of the van and suddenly piped up " Do you know there is a crack in this window ? "

Sure enough there is star shaped crack in the front window which has originated from who knows where.

We are having the van serviced by a mobile chap on Thursday so I will ask if a repair can be done,if not I will put some clear tape over it as it is not leaking water and I am not paying the silly money that a replacement window will be.

After all this everything went smoothly,if you can call being pitched in front of the childrens playground,smooth.

Never again.

Don't you just love caravanning.



  1. When my front window gets replaced under warranty, if they don't have to send it back to Bailey, you may be able to do a deal with my dealer. Let me know if you are interested.

    Now that you have your first scratch on the car, you can get on with things without worry! lol My rear bumper has almost as many scratches as paint, I no longer care if it gets another one or more. No point in paying out to have it repaired if it's going to collect more damage.

    1. Wunny,
      Thanks for the offer,I have had a reply from my mobile chap so I will see what he has to say on Thursday.


  2. When I was last at Beechwood Grange a gadger jumped out at me whilst I was driving past his van stating that I was not in the required 1st gear nor doing the regulatory 5mph. I assured him that both were in order but he wouldn't have it. I tried for ages to reason with him only to be mouthed off at. I started to get out of the car only for him to utter that he was going to report me to the warden and other child like rhetoric. I was not pleased! In over 30yrs of caravaning I've never come across such a weird behaviour in a supposed grownup. Maybe it will not happen for another 30yrs.

    1. He ran into his van as soon as I started removing myself from the car. Strange chap.

    2. The very same. Hope your car and more importantly SWIMBO is behaving now!! Get yourself down to see Trvors new craft, very nice although I still think it would be better closer to home.

  3. I hope his boat costs him less than the last one,he spent more time having it repaired than he did cruising,it must have cost more than the national debt.

  4. Has anyone experienced the large front convex window on the Orion flexing inwards when towing? Our window looks as if it has been punched inwards? It stays that way for a while looking most odd and then gradually pops back out again. Just had its first service and we were told that the flexing is quite normal so long as the inner and outer panes do not meet and scratch.

  5. Anon,yes this has been reported from one or two Orion owners although we haven't suffered ourselves.Wunny,one of my correspondents,has just had his replaced under warranty for the same thing.