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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Service With A Smile.

Had the old girl serviced today ( the van not SWMBO ) at our storage,given a clean bill of health and no damp found,thank goodness.

For the first time I used a mobile chap from Leeds ( Karranvan ) and was very impressed by the workmanship and attention to detail.

We received a far more detailed report than I have ever had from the two dealers that we have been to previously,he picked up that the front table support was cracked and I didn't even realise,now superglued.

He is AWS certified so it keeps the warranty in order and the price was very good indeed.


So if you are in the West Yorkshire area it might be worth considering.

Doesn't help you much if you live in Cornwall but you can't have everything.

I have no connection apart from being a customer.



  1. Hi Ian
    Did the service include the replacement of the wheel nuts as I have been told these are to be replaced and are a once only use .
    This will show the wheel has come off and been checked the service dealership always leaves the old nut in the van as evidence.

    ps . I hope the "Back" is back in good shape


  2. Paul,
    Yes the one-shot nuts were included,£150 all-in including VAT ( single axle,£180 TA )
    I have paid over £200 at dealers for the last two years.

    Back is improving,slowly but improving,thanks