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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wheel Bolt Torque

When I had the van in for service I had to sign to say the wheel bolts had been torqued.

As the chap did it I commented that the handbook states that the torque should be 110Mn and he was torquing them to 120Mn.

He replied that they torque them all to 120Nm now.

I have checked this with Bailey and he is correct,this is the reply I received to my e-mail enquiry :-

Thank you for your email below.
Your service agent is correct that all wheel bolt torques across the Bailey range have increased by various degrees, the Orion’s torque has been increased from 110nm to 120nm. There is no problem with this increase in torque as extensive testing was carried out by “Bolt Science UK”, Bath University, TUV GMBH, AL-KO Kober etc. etc. prior to the increase.
Ian Turner
Retailer Services Manager
Bailey Caravans

So there we have it,120Nm it is from now on.


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