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Monday, 8 October 2012

More Torque Talk

Quite unexpectedly I today received another e-mail from Bailey regarding wheel nut torque :-

To Mr Broadhead
Thank you for your email.
We did change the wheel bolts and the torque setting around the time you purchased your van.
The way to tell is to look at your wheel bolts. If you have shiny wheel bolts the torque will be 110Nm and if you have dull grey wheel bolts the torque would be 120Nm.
I hope this helps.
Jo Barrington (Mrs)
Bailey Caravans

So as we have the shiny bolts it is back to 110Nm.




  1. Come on Ian its still too early to hang up the coat yet,we got to have some nice weekends in November. You'll have pipe and slippers next.

    Just picked my van up from service, was infored that 3 of the NS bolts were loose and lucky wheel didnt come off!!(I check before every trip, even before going to service) they informed me that they have retorqued all the bolt to the NEW setting of 170Nm! I questioned this with them as I thought it was 110 or 120 but was assured it is 170 now accross the Orion range. Think I will call Bailey on Monday to confirm this. Regards DaveE

  2. Dave,

    Welcome to the blog.

    Pipe and slippers warming as we speak !!

    Well 170Nm is a new one.

    As you can see above,Bailey say "shiny" 110Nm and "dull grey" 120Nm.

    I was told originally by the dealer that it was 120Nm across the range.

    Incidentally,what had you torqued them to prior to them finding them "loose" ?

    If you tightened them to say 110Nm and they say it should be 170Nm then yes they will think they are "loose",60Nm too loose to be precise.

    I always check ours prior to every trip and they have never moved.

    Funny I have never seen anyone else with a torque wrench in their hand.


  3. Have always checked them to 110 using a calibrated Tq wrench, all 10 would be loose if that was the case, they implied 3 were just hand tight. I have just looked at baileys Orion handbook on line and it quotes 160Nm for ALL alloy wheels. No mention of shiny or dull bolts. I will see what they say on Monday.

  4. Hello Ian. Just realised I had finger trouble on my first post, it should have read 160 and not 170Nm!!
    I emailed Bailey for an answer on the correct setting, had email from Jo at Bailey stating Orion wheels should be 120NM.
    I forwarded this on to my service centre who said No, it should be 160Nm for Alloy wheels as per Baileys service instructions sent out to them from Bailey head office! and as per the current Orion manual para 2.3.14 Wheels - 160Nm for alloys and 120Nm for steel. Back to the drawing board as to what the correct setting is. I await a further reply from Bailey. Dave

  5. Dave,

    I think Bailey should get a handle on this important problem,they seem to give a different answer to every query and another to dealers.

    I am personally going to keep at 110Nm as of Jo Barringtons e-mail above,we have shiny bolts so 110Nm it is as far as I am concerned and my handbook says 110Nm.

    They have never loosened one iota so presumably we are doing something right.

    I suppose things may have changed depending on when your Orion was built,ours was actually built around June 2011..

    Personally I seem to remember that 160Nm was for the Unicorn and Pegasus with the new "grey" bolts after the wheel detaching incident a while ago.


  6. The saga from Bailey, "The dealerships where told however the bulletin had nothing to do with the Orion’s". Bailey have told me that my shiny bolts should be 110Nm and as they are now overtorqued they will replace them with new dull ones under warranty, she also notes to the service centre that these should be set at 120Nm when they fit them. The next event will be me telling service centre to fit them at my home not me taking the van at my expence on an 80 mile round this space.
    Are you aware of any of your blog members having issues with wheels and torque settings?

  7. Dave,

    As you say the saga continues,so we are back to the "shiny" versus "dull" again.

    I am not aware of anyone else having problems with wheel bolt torque,but that is not to say there aren't any.

    You say they are providing new bolts because they were overtorqued,I wonder if mine want replacing as they were overtorqued to 120NM,plus the locking bolts as well.

    I will see what Bailey say.

    Thanks for your input,


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