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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Oh Well Never Mind.

We should have been going to Durham Grange CC site today for a few days but SWMBO woke up this morning with a touch  ( a big touch ) of the "unmentionables" so we have had to cancel,incurring a black mark for being a naughty boy from the Caravan Club.

This will probably be it until the spring I think and yes I know people caravan through the winter but I can't say it really appeals to me,don't mind the cold but wading through ice and snow,no thanks.

Have set the Orion up for the lay off,all fluids drained,fridge vent covers on,cushions up-ended to air,cupboard doors opened and some moisture traps scattered about.

Ordered a wash and wax from a chap who does it on our storage.

Just need to put the winter wheels on and that is it.

I hope we get away a bit more next year than we have done this and for some longer stays as well.

Don't forget to put your clocks back.


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