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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bailey Pursuit Update.

In line with my policy of commenting on the Bailey Pusuit when applicable, I was at a Bailey dealers this afternoon browsing around their range of Pursuits.

I noticed and remarked to the salesman that they all appeared to come with the "optional" sun roof.

He replied that much to their surprise,as it happened only in the last few days,Bailey had informed them that in future ALL Pursuits will come fitted with the sun roof as standard and that the Premium Pack was no more,so they will all have the microwave,spare wheel etc. etc.

Naturally they have increased in price to reflect this change.

One other thing,the shower curtain that received so much criticism has also vanished to be replaced by the bi-fold door.

Sadly the appalling ( to us ) upholstery and the badly positioned sink and hob remain.



  1. At last someone at Bailey has sorted the Extras that everyone buys anyway, there seems to be a few at my local caravan dealer. I also noticed they all had the sun roofs I quite like them, fancy a single bed model but too heavy for my car.
    Just put the winter cover on our van last week, first time we have made it to Jan in the Orion, no problems with heavy rain or cold nights (warmer than our house). 130 nights away this year, lovely little van, one chap onsite came over and asked to look inside, said he wanted to downsize from a 4x4.
    Wonder who will be the first on this Blog to own a Pursuit? ............
    Ian 57000 views you must be pleased, maybe enough for a Orion Rally? mind you thats easier said than done

    1. Come On Ian. Im pretty confident we as a group could get a rally organised does not have to be all singing and dancing just a friendly meet at a reasonably priced site with Electric hook up please :-)We are all hear to chip in and help Mr Chairman Ohh Have I just nominated you . I need a seconder please followers .
      Ian, The Chairman delegates . What would you like me to do Mr Chairman

      Kindest Regards

    2. Paul,

      I think I will leave that idea on the back burner for a bit,see what next year brings........


  2. Dave,

    Yes we find the Orion a cracking little caravan,just desire the fixed single beds really.
    If they would fix the sink/hob problem,sort the heating pipes out in the cupboard under the sink and change ( or offer alternative ) upholstery we would be interested,but as it stands I don't think so.

    Yes 57,000 hits is pretty good,I never thought I would get that many when I started,as for a rally I think that is easier said than done,I will put it on the back burner for a while.