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Saturday, 21 December 2013

All Boxed Off.

A few weeks ago I bought an Isabella Multi Organiser to keep shoes outside just by the door of the van.


The organiser works fine but if we have no awning up or just the sunshade and the rain blows in then things tend to get wet.

Had a think about this and decided to visit Bags 4 Everything in Wakefield ( Ossett really ) to see if they had anything to cover it.

They had nothing in stock but said they would make me a cover in fully waterproof material for £20.

It was all done and made in about four days and it works a treat,


 So if you are looking for something similar give them a try.

Even though it is a Wakefield firm I have nothing at all to do with Bags 4 Everything apart from being a satisfied customer.

No favours,discounts,backhanders,free samples or Green Shield Stamps ( one for my older readers ).



  1. Ian,
    If you've left both outside this Christmas with this wind I think you'd find yourself chasing two bags down the road, rather than one.
    Happy season

    1. SDA,
      Everything nicely tucked up at the present.


  2. Ian,
    Inspirational reading.
    New 460/5, first van, itching to get away but the world is conspiring to delay first trip! Fitted my own mover, scary driving one of those for the first time, done sat point mod and hard wired for my dish. Re-wired the battery box as well. To do list next is a solar install and alarm, now have to design battery tray retention system as well !
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Phil,

      Welcome to BOB.
      Seems like a comprehensive list of DIY there.
      If you want to pen a bit of an article about your mods with a few pics I will gladly put it on the blog.
      Sadly I don't pay.
      As far as battery retention goes you just have to make sure the door is securely and properly locked,we now both check it.
      At least if it comes open again SWMBO can't blame me.
      I did think of afixing some sort of restraining strap to the exterior ( bit like a door safety chain ),but that's a thought experiment at the minute.

      I have never been called inspirational before,been called a few other things,thank you.