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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All Tucked Up.

Got the Orion all tucked up for winter today.

Floed the water system,put the winter wheels on and sterilised the Aquaroll and Wastemaster.

Cushions upended and cupboard doors opened,plus left a couple of damp traps.

I also made sure the toilet flush was well drained as well as lubricating the window rubbers.

Took the wheels ( including the spare ) home for the winter and will give them a bit of a clean and spruce up.

Had a check and they all appear in good nick,no signs of cracking or splitting thanks to the wheel covers.

I know many people use their van throughout the winter but I find it profoundly depressing at the best of times when it is getting dark about 4pm and thats when at home,it's worse in the van.



  1. November 2013 at 16:43

    I've done none of that yet. Next Orion trip away in 10 days.

    Edna (named after late ma in law - Edna Bailey) is going to brave out the early December weather. It should be a good test of the heating and of the aquarium heater in the water container!!

    Usually I'm in a tent around this time of year, so I'm expecting excessive warmth & comfort in comparison.

  2. We were away about ten days ago and it was pretty nippy outside but found the heating fine.

    Overnight if you leave it on 500 with the fan dial at 12 o'clock it just keeps it chill free.

    Not noisy either,we can barely hear it.