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Monday, 11 November 2013

A Couple of Tips

Over the last week I have come across a couple of simple tips that someone might find useful.

The first concerns the gas spanner which always seems to get lost at the bottom of the gas locker.

I stuck some adhestive Velcro ( the proper stuff not a copy ) to the spanner and the wall of the gas locker to keep it visible and to hand.

The second tip is to do with the position of the jockey wheel when travelling.

I have always had the wheel pointing toward the rear of the van as I thought that this was the way to do it.

I have since read somewhere that it is best if the jockey wheel faces toward the front as if the van becomes detached,the A frame will be more likely to drop onto the wheel and therefore provide a bit of steering.

If the wheel is pointing rearwards then the hitch is likely to hit the ground first which,apart from damaging the A frame,could cause instability of the van.



  1. Always good to get some tips Ian, will try Jockey Wheel next time out, many thanks I've often wondered why theres a small compartment under the loo cassette. It has a small round vent of some kind maybe for a air freshener? Will google it one day

  2. Dave,
    Great caravanning minds think alike,I have often wondered the same thing.
    Never thought of an air freshener though.

  3. Another Whale Water Pump, just had to get another water pump is it just me or do others have problems. Worked ok last time out but last weekend it decided to stop pumping after just one summer season, I wouldn't mind so much if I let it run dry.

  4. Dave,
    Yes we had to replace ours earlier on in the year.
    It had broken where the blue tube joins the pump bit at the end.
    There is a blog posting and a photo if you look back.

  5. Many Thank for the reply Ian
    That happened to my first pump (blue pipe broke off) this second one just stopped pumping so now on the 3rd one. I'm careful with it, maybe onboard pumps are better as I'm only get one season per pump, not good

  6. Dave,
    If they are going that regularly I think I would be contacting Whale,they are supposed to be the dogs bollocks when it comes to customer service.
    Are they still in warranty when they go ?

    1. Ian, your right Whale was very helpful and I now have a spare pump again, it was still in guarantee, thanks for the tip, Dave

  7. Hi Ian
    Hope your well and well rested after your summer travels .
    Great to be back on here after some time out . Love the tips will defo try next time we get our van out of hibernation .