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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Spiffing Idea or a Load of Twaddle.

Those people with sad lives who follow this load of nonsense on a regular basis may recall the Castleford Incident from last year when the battery box door came open and deposited our precious Elecsol battery onto the mean streets of Castleford never to be seen again,an occurrence which stopped just short of counselling from Relate.

I have been giving some thought to avoiding a repeat of the problem ( over and above double checking the door is properly fastened but I thought I had done that the first time ).

I came up with the idea,patent pending,of using some of these :-

Baby Safety Lock

I intend fastening one end of the strips ( they are self adhesive ) to the van either side of the locker door and the other ends to the door itself so if the door does pop open accidentally it will be caught by the straps and not open completely.

The straps were only £1.88 a pair with free postage so if it doesn't work I haven't lost a fortune.

I intend applying them after we have the van cleaned before the season starts so they don't get knocked off during polishing.

I will report in due course on their effectiveness or otherwise.


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