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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wheel Bolt Update.

Well following the loss of the locking wheel bolt adaptor ( not had a reply from Bailey yet ) the next problem was to remove the offending bolts and replacing the original ones.

I considered getting someone from a tyre fitters to come and have a go but first I tried putting a suitably sized socket over the bolts,tapping it into place and bingo off they came without much problem.

So much for Bailey's secure wheel bolts.

The problem then was to remove the bolt from the socket as it was jammed fast.

Took a bit of hammering but with the aid of some lubricant ( oohh er missus..... ) it eventually came out ( twice,once for each side ).

I think I may replace the bolts with the new WSL bolts as these are standard on new Bailey's now.

WSL Wheel Bolts

Just waiting for a reply from Bailey parts to double check that this OK and ask what the torque is.

If anyone has a similar problem I used a 17mm socket over the bolts to remove them,it is a very snug fit.

Incidentally I also replaced the handle on the C250 Thetford cassette as well after the disappearance of it down the toilet emptying hole in Scarborough,naturally you couldn't buy just the handle,it had to be the whole extending bit.


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