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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Good News & Oh Deary Me!!

Well the good news is that the Orion passed her service with flying colours,couple of warranty jobs done as requested including resealing all the shower cubicle,so here's to another year.

But oh deary me,I have lost the adaptor for the locking wheel bolts somewhere.

Wandahome put it back in the van for certain,but can I now find it,you must be joking.

Looked in van,car,clothes,back to dealers,no sign of it.

Of course divorce lawyers were hovering in the background if I mentioned it again.

I have e-mailed Bailey,as they were Bailey bolts,to see if they can provide another adaptor but I don't hold out much hope as they have changed the design of the wheelbolts to the new WSL ones but one can live in hope.

( Incidentally you can no longer talk to Bailey,all Customer Service enquiries have to be e-mailed,

I have found a man local to our storage who should be able to remove the bolts and then it looks like two new sets of the posh bolts at £65 for the lot as our insurance specifies locking wheel bolts.

Life eh,I thought things were going well.


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