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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Winter Is Officially Over.

Went up to the van today,removed the winter wheels and reattached the round rubbery ones.

I did find the screw in wheel locating pegs mentioned in an earlier posting very useful in relocating the wheel to the hub.

I thought I would remove and check the spare as I have not removed it previously and there are all sorts of horror stories about the difficulty in removing it.

Well yes it is not the easiest device in the world to use but it wasn't the "devil from hell" that I thought it would be.

Having said that you have to lay prostrate on the ground to remove it and I was in a storage compound with my overalls on,much different I imagine to doing it at the side of the road in the pouring rain.

One thing that I did come to appreciate,that I have seen complained about but didn't realise the consequences of,was the problem of how to remove the spare when the puncture is on the near side which is the side the spare is located.

I only just managed to extricate the wheel from under the chassis with the van tyre inflated and the van fully nose down.

How you do it with a flat tyre I don't really know,plus the Al-Ko jack obstructs the removal of the wheel I think from memory,I will check this on my next visit.

I suppose you could run the flat up a levelling ramp to give some height,remove the spare,if it will come,and then jack the van up.

Or of course you could ring Mayday Green Flag and make a cup of tea whilst waiting.

I was pleased to see that the spare had been balanced as requested and a Tyron band fitted,one up for the dealers as I can't remember asking for a Tyron for the spare,glad they did it though.


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