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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bog Standard Five Second Maintenence

I have read in one or two places about the Thetford toilet giving up the ghost and the problem has been diagnosed as the fuse at the rear of the toilet cassette compartment not making good contact.

Had this wizard wheeze of removing the fuse and applying a dab or two of Contralube to the fuse blades and replacing it.

Hopefully this might stop further problems.

There you are,five seconds and all done.



  1. Hi Ian,

    I really enjoy your posts, I am thinking about getting a fixed bed orion 4 berth for myself and partner. Do u know what type of tow bar I would need for my honda civic 2.2 diesel car?

    Also do u think bailey are going to change the orion in October? I have read several posts about this and thought you would be the man who knows! Lol

    Also could you tell me what points about the orion that might have put you off put purchasing had you of known prior? I am in two minds to go for the lunar venus 4 berth. But I am drawn to the orion.

    Thanks for the post I await your next posts with anticipation. Thanks again Ross

  2. I forgot to mention I have never had a caravan yet, this would be the first for myself.

    I am a complete noves, no idea about gas bottles, water bottles etc i think it's best to find the perfect van first.

    Oops just remembered another question..

    Do u think it is best to put purchase off a dealer? Just there are a couple a lot cheaper for private sale and with this being out first van I fear I might loose so much money if I wanted to sell.


    1. Ross,

      Thank you for your kind comments regarding the blog.

      Your questions require some in depth answers so if you could give me a day or two I will put some ( hopefully ) helpful suggestions together.


  3. Ross,

    Just thought,it may be better if you could let me have your e-mail address which would be better for a lengthy reply rather than posting on the blog.


  4. At that would be brilliant Ian many thanks

  5. Ian,
    The thing you want to watch out for on a Thetford 250 is one of the plastic push-in pivots on the sliding hatch mechanism making a bolt for freedom. They're an interference fit into a hollow plastic 'post' moulded into the cassette. When they go AWOL the toilet hatchthing wobbles about and doesn't seal as it should.
    When it happened to mine I didn't realise that I was throwing the thing out with the effluent. A dealer showed me the answer, a proper metal slightly oversize self tapping screw of appropriate length. The thread bit into the plastic and will never come loose. Why Thetford didn't use a screw in the first place is beyond me.

  6. Andy,

    Is it an orange thing ??

    I think I threw one of those out.

    Not had any problem since although I can't visualise exactly to the area you are referring to.


  7. I s'pose you'd call it an orange spigot with one end widened and flattened and the rest of it slightly tapered but still chunky, about an inch or so long.

    It's what the sliding shutter pivots on when you open and close it. If memory serves there are two pivots in the mechanism and it will still, sort of' work with this one missing, but the shutter starts not to seal the cassette and ends up flapping about, but still connected.