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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Beechwood Grange

Just returned from three nights at Beechwood Grange near York.

We were fortunate that as the rest of the country was suffering from snow we didn't see any apart from the odd flurry.

There was a cold wind but that was it.

The Orion performed faultlessly and the lagged heating pipes made it all the warmer.

I did have to call on the warden as all the 240v electrics went off and I presumed we had blown the bollard but it turned out I hadn't plugged the mains cable into the van properly.

I was especially impressed with the Isabella Magnum Eclipse sun shade,not that there was a great deal of sun to be shaded from but it makes a shelter if it rains.

We took this as it wasn't worth taking the Magnum just for three nights.

Although there was gusty wind most of the time,the Eclipse never moved an inch.

It was a bit of a gusty tow back down the A1/A64 but I think the shockers make all the difference.



  1. Ian
    Glad to hear your w/end was ok except your power problems (happy warden?),
    I am still waiting for Whale to contact me it must be time me to jog their memory.

  2. John,

    Yes the warden was most helpful and ffiendly.