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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Isabella & Reich

Before we went away I returned a  noseweight gauge to Reich as for some reason I kept getting the reading the wrong way round i.e. when the hitch was resting on it the weight went down and vice versa.

First of all I sent it to the wrong address which I got out of "The Caravan Manual",they moved from there six years ago.The very helpful chap at Reich went and retrieved my parcel,tested the gauge and said it was OK,it will be returned next week.

Now what was I doing wrong ?

We had to return the awning to Isabella to be restitched after our Norfolk jape.

Very efficient set up,packaging sent,collection arranged,price given over the phone,paid for,will return to us next Wednesday.

Makes a change to deal with firms who value their customers.



  1. When you use nose weight gauge and raise jocky wheel and gauge says 1 kg could it be something in the back of caravan causing it?

    Not sure why reading goes up doing the reverse ? Something near A frame end needing moving?

    happy caravaning!

  2. We found nose gauge quite tricky to use even with fairly light things placed in caravan so we tend to put most things in the car. Only tools box filled & fridge, then waste and water bottle in wash room occassionly awning frame over wheel near fridge wedged with wedge shaped cushion from bed near wardrobe.Kitchen equipment kettle etc under seat over wheel or crate under table plus pillows sleeping bags on board near table.It's an Orion 440-4 we have the added weight of a motor mover.
    Think it prevents damage on wood work not loading caravan up too.
    Hope helpful.

  3. When you first switch it on it wants to register the tare weight. So you need to switch it on when the weight is not on it, then apply the weight. If you do switch on when the weight is on it and then remove the weight it'll register -ve. This isn't really a problem as long as you know what's happening. Could this be what's happened to you?

  4. Anon,

    You could be onto something there,I tried it out again a couple of days ago and it worked faultlessly but I think I did switch it on before applying weight.

    One lives and learns.