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Friday, 13 April 2012

A Couple Of Problems.

Purchased a Reich electronic noseweight gauge at the NEC show last October.
Both times I have tried to use it it has behaved strangely in that when I wind the jockey wheel up,putting the weight on the hitch/gauge,the weight displayed goes DOWN to 1Kg.
Likewise as I put the jockey wheel UP,reducing the noseweight,the weight displayed goes UP.
Contacted Reich UK today who were very helpful and said to return it to them for testing/replacement.

Have put a posting on CT to see if anyone else has the problem.

Probably not knowing my luck.

Incidentally if anyone wants to phone Reich UK the phone number on their website is unobtainable.
The correct number is :- 01543-459243

Secondly,the lights are playing up again.

Picked the van up from storage this morning,did a light check,all OK.

Came to drive off,offside light on the van not working.

I unplugged the 13-pin plug,plugged it in again,all OK.

Thinking quality wise that the 13-pin plug was probably the weak link I called a mobile service chap ( CB Caravan Servicing,said I would give him a mention,see contacts list ) and the fault actually appeared whilst he was there.His opinion was that there was nothing wrong with the plug and it was a more than likely a problem with the car wiring not the van so I have it booked in at the local VW dealers week after next who installed it as it is still under warranty.

Will keep you informed.


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