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Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Bit of Maintenance

Was down at the van today and decided to take some silicone sealant to all the little gaps and unsealed bits that were evident,and there were quite a few,looks a lot better now.

One particular area that I noticed was in the shower where there were on or two small areas where the sealant was missing,not big areas but enough I imagine to let a bit of water in,so it may be an area that is worth checking.Under the shelf above the shower tap and at the bottom of the flat corner section where the tap is were two places and a couple of places along the shower tray.I also sealed where the shower tray meets the floor and around the sink and wall base to keep water out.

The remaining places were in the front lounge and dinette,not critical areas but it makes it neater.

Found another vertical sealing strip that was cut slightly short,this time just to the right of the washroom door,another one for the list.

Checked the 13-pin plug to see if there was anything obvious causing the light problem but couldn't see anything,best leave it to the experts.

Noticed that the breakaway cable had become damaged,how I don't know,the red sheathing was missing in one particular area so I have ordered another from Al-Ko,this time one with a carabiner attachment so I can clip it directly to the towbar instead of forming a loop.

A bit of Elsan Tank Clean down the plug holes and some Thetford spray on the toilet cassette seal and home for some tea.



  1. Hello Bob, I,m not sure what a carabiner attachment on the breakaway cable is? I make a loop around my detachable Towbar. Would like to hook to car/towbar point but the breakaway cable clip is too big . Just wonder if the carabiner clip attachment is not the same as fitted by bailey. many thanks for any help, Dave

  2. Dave,

    The breakaway cable supplied as standard by Bailey has to be,as you say,looped back on itself before securing around the towball or whatever.The cable with a carabiner clip can be clipped directly to the towbar if there is a hole for it.See here :-

    Incidentally to get round your problem of the clip being too big for the hole,when I went on a CC course we were told the way around it is to purchase,I don't know the name,but it is a U shaped piece if metal with a bar that screws across the bottom.Put it through the hole on the towbar and loop through this.I have used it ever since,it works.

    I will see if I can find a link to a picture.

    Available from B&Q and the like.


  3. Dave,

    This the sort of thing I meant :-


  4. Many Thanks Ian, Will have a look next time I hook up and see if I can sort a better way to hook on. Thanks Again, good site for Info, Dave

  5. Dave,

    You are welcome.

    Just one thing I see that you have a detachable tow hitch.

    I seem to recall reading somewhere ( can't find it now ) that it isn't advisable to loop around a detachable tow hitch in case it comes adrift at the critical moment.