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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wash & Brush Up Sir ?

Spent a while today giving the Orion a bit of spit and polish before the winter sets in although we hope to perhaps get a few days away in a week or two.

As there is no water at the storage site I used some Care-avan waterless cleaner/polish that is recommended by Bailey and I have to say I was very impressed.

The microfibre cloth provided was soon filthy but it continued to clean and as far as I can tell there are no scratches on the van at all,it is like silk,concluded  by buffing up with a clean microfibre cloth and then used some Care-avan window cleaner to finish off.

Took about two hours to do the van but I couldn't do most of the roof as I couldn't reach.

Used about 0.75L of the cleaner.

I have no connection with Care-avan at all.

Swapped the battery over,the new one has kept its charge for a week so hopefully the motor mover disaster is behind us now.

Gave the Thetford toilet seal an application  of Thetford seal lubricant and squirted some WD40 in the 13-pin plug to keep the damp out.

Up-ended the cushions to avoid damp.

Huffed and puffed down the shower pipe to get rid of the last of the water,also put a tyre inflater to the water pump inlet to get the remaining dregs out but it wasn't that successful.Was thinking of buying a Floe but think I will save my money.

Had one disaster,apart from falling off the ladder,went to get a tea bag out of the overhead cupboard and a cup fell out which dented/cracked the work surface where the TV stands.

SWMBO will not be amused,will have to get something to cover it up but like all women she will be drawn straight to it,I may have to confess in advance to reduce the pain.

When we have the first service next year I may ask if they can replace it,it doesn't look a difficult job but if I try it it has all the makings of a cock-up waiting to happen.


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