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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tread Carefully

As can be seen from the above pictures the tread has started to come away from the jockey wheel after only two short trips.

E-mailed Al-Ko to no avail,never received a reply so I have e-mailed the dealers to see if it can be replaced under warranty.

A word of warning if intending to replace the wheel provided with a pneumatic one,it won't fit,or at least the one I bought wouldn't fit.

I thought a pneumatic would roll better with the mover over the recycled colliery slag that covers our storage.

The tyre was too wide for the metal supports.

It wasn't an Al-Ko but one I got from the dealers.

Update:- The dealers are sending my pics to Al-Ko to see what they say.

23.11.2011 :- Still nothing from Al-Ko,pretty poor for such a large company.
                         Asked dealer to give them another prod.



  1. Only just found your Blog and reading through from the start. When I picked up my 430/4 from the dealer last July, I pointed out to the handover guy just the very same thing as is in your photo, where the rubber tread is pealing from the tyre. It was changed with no problems but there must have been / still is an inherent fault!!!

  2. welcome to the Bailey Orion Blog

    I think what knackered ours up was the surface of our storage which is recycled colliery slag.

    Been much better since we switched to a pneumatic.

    Always carry a spare though in case it punctures.