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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Better Late Than Never SoTo Speak.

Apologies for the late posting of our trip to the NEC but I had to have a new HD installed in my computer,anyway all done now.

We thought it was a bit quiet on the Thursday when we visited the show but reports from other days,especially Friday and Saturday,said it was rammed with people especially around the Bailey stand and more especially around the new Unicorn 3.

Well we succumbed and ordered a Unicorn 3 Cadiz for delivery sometime in March/February.

Got a good deal from Yorkshire Caravans where we bought the Orion,it was about £1200+ more than another quote we got.

Will be quite sad to see the Orion go as we have had some good holidays in it but we wanted two fixed singles and a bit more space so the Unicorn it had to be.

To judge from the interest in it I think Bailey are on to a winner,especially after listening to customers ( me included ) and moved the front nearside locker door nearer the front to better accommodate a porch awning.

The Orion will will be going in part-ex sometime before Christmas so we will be vanless until delivery of the Unicorn.

On another tack we were amazed at the number of motorhomes of all shapes and sizes at the show,they appeared to outnumber caravans to a great degree,there were literally hundreds of them,motorhoming must be really taking off.

Incidentally we stopped overnight at the Hilton Metropole on the NEC site,according to a lot of posts on Trip Advisor it wasn't up to much but we found it very acceptable with the bar food being very good value.Just one downer,beware of getting a room to the rear of the hotel as there is an air-conditioning unit on a flat roof which drones away all night,SWMBO was not amused.Next year I think we will book an executive room at the front.

I will be renaming the blog when we get the new van but have decided against starting a new one so all the Orion stuff will still be there to help anyone who needs it,just got to think of a catchy new title now..............................



  1. Hello Ian,
    Unicorn 3 very nice van, we had a look inside one at the NEC on Saturday, we also changed from the 430 orion to single beds. We brought a pursuit 550 with the upgraded seat option. As you say the orion has been and still is a good van, just fancy more room. Quite like the ideas of single beds when going walk a bouts in the night. Please keep this site up and running, as you say maybe extend it, I enjoy reading you're emails. I had to make another account to sign in for some unknown reson, but have made comments before about wheel cover / duvalay. Talking of Duvalays I'm hopping to use them on the single beds, well that's the plan. All the Best, Dave

  2. Dave,
    Yes the climbing over each other during the night does leave a little to be desired.
    Not clear if you have already got Duvalays or not,but if not you won't regret buying them they are fantastic,not especially cheap but worth every penny.
    Don't know why you were asked to make another account,I think computers really have a mind of their own.

  3. Hi Ian
    I can see your reasoning for changing, the climbing over bit in the night is OK for the fit and young, but I struggle, as it is not a natural turn for me and the vertebrae don't want to go that way, as I usually roll out to the left and the van wall is there, so I could be following your example at some point.

    Glad you're keeping the Blog going, as you say, it will remain a useful source of info for future Orion owners

  4. Wunny,
    Yes the climbing over bit is no fun if you can avoid it.
    Forgot to mention in my blog post that the Unicorn was going up in price by £306 ( If I remember correctly ) on the Monday after the show so we got in just in time.


  5. Hi, I'm struggling to find your email on the blog, I'm interesting in your bedding? Thanks Matt

  6. Ian, I've changed my mind about buying a new pursuit 550 and decided to follow you and go for a Unicorn 3, its more of a upgrade. I went back to the dealers last weekend and change our order, they were very helpful. The earliest delivery for a Unicorn 3 is May but thats ok I don't mind waiting, the uni looked a very nice van. I think we made the right decision as it feels right, just need to upgrade the car now.
    All the Best, Dave

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