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Friday, 10 October 2014

Back Safe and Sound

Well,further to my last post and after a tussle with Green Flag,the Orion was returned safely to our storage yesterday by a firm from Thirsk that is used by them.

( I didn't realise until the recovery chap told me that GF do not have any patrols of their own and use local firms exclusively for their call outs,unlike the AA,RAC etc. )

They still demanded to see a doctors letter ( which I had eventually obtained ) before even considering arranging transport,naturally my scanner wasn't working so I had to post it,more delay.

They [GF] still seem to be in the age of the fax machine and woe betide you if you don't use e-mail or haven't got a smart phone.

I can understand them being wary of people abusing the system to get them home on the cheap but as I said previously,just do what is necessary,ask for a doctors note within so-many days,if this is not produced then send a bill and terminate membership.

Anyway they have said that in the light of my problems they are going to re-examine their rules and regulations so there may be a change sometime in the future,we shall see.

Many thanks to the owners of Hillside Park who let us leave the van on their site at no charge until it was collected and even offered us a discount on a future booking as we went home early.

The back is slowly improving but in the midst of it,to cut a very long story short I also have a slight heart problem that I wasn't aware of so I can't drive for at least a month so that probably rules out any more vanning for this year.

Thank you to the people that have enquired.

SWMBO has said she will go on the CC manouvering/driving course next year so we will be prepared if there is a next time,God forbid..

We are going to the NEC show next week to probably order a Unicorn 3,the Orion has served us very well and we love the van but we want one with fixed single beds so that we aren't climbing over each other in the night and is a bit bigger if we are going to accommodate grandchildren.


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