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Thursday, 22 August 2013


Got a call from Phantom last evening to inform us that there was a "power down" on the caravan battery,in other words it was flat.

Strange as it had not occurred before.

Visited  storage this morning to swap the battery over to discover we had left the master switch on and the light on the voltmeter had flattened the battery.

Lesson learned,check the master switch before locking up.

At least Phantom were on the ball.



  1. Hi Ian
    You mentioned in one of your posts that you turn off the master panel at night .... Is this done at the fuse board or at the panel and switching off the panel are you not killing the power to the van .

  2. Paul,
    We usually switch the power off at the 12-volt panel at night as the little light on the meter is annoying,we leave the 240v on all the time.

    However as the weather has been colder on the last couple of trips we have left the 12v on to keep the heating on all night.