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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Window Worry.

Was up at the van today and decided to open the front window to let a bit of air through.

I noticed that the right hand fastening for the window stay ( as you face forward in the van ) had come loose.

It appears that the two screws holding it have pulled out of whatever they were screwed into.

A job for the upcoming service in September I think.

Might be worth keeping an eye on such fittings as I have felt previously that the front window is very heavy when it is open and the fittings do seem a little flimsy for the weight.

Perhaps a divided window may have been a better bet.

Mind you a possible Orion Mk.2 may have the large picture window that seems popular now,who knows.



  1. Hi.I have similar problems with mine.When you try to leave it partially open it slips down and actually twists the top of the arm.The Dealer contacted Bailey who said that Polyplas the window manufacturers send them with the window.They would not let the dealer fit a different stay under guarantee.I have two new stays which are no different to the originals.We had an Abbey some years ago with a large window which was no problem.You would think when manufacturing a new model these things would be tested and corrected,I cant imagine a car leaving the production line with window closers that didnt hold the window in the required position

  2. Stuart,

    Thank you for your comments.

    Our problem is not with the stays themselves which are OK but with the attachment to the van,the screws appear to have pulled out of whatever they are screwed into.

    I agree though that the window seems of poor design.