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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wheel Covers Update

Just been browsing back through some earlier posts and I noticed that I never reviewed the Specialized wheel covers as promised when I bought them back in February.

Well the actual covers are fine and fit well to the wheel and stay in place even when windy,unlike the previous ones I had.

The only rather annoying problem with them is that the retaining/securing straps are not very long and passing the "longer" strap around the back of the wheel to secure it to the shorter "static" strap is a PITA.

To overcome this problem I bought some thin cord and tied it to the end of the longer strap and then tied a nut ( anything will do really ) to enable me to throw it more easily round the wheel and pull the longer strap with it.

This procedure works but beware as last time we returned to storage I must have got a bit over enthusiastic with the throwing and wound the cord around the brake hub and axle which entailed removing the wheel to extracate the cord and nut.

Needless to say I was not amused and neither was SWMBO as you may well imagine.



  1. Hello Ian, Just back from a weekend away and driving back to storage I see 4 = 430 Orion's, within 1 hour. Sometimes I go weeks thinking I,m the only only one out there. Anyway you could be right about gossip for the Orion as also heard a rumours about changes in the pipeline. Its seems Top Secret as the dealer was holding back with the chit chat!!!!!. I think our Orion suits us well as light without missing any comforts, All the best, Dave

  2. Just ordered a shelf for the oven, your info was handy as its been on the list of things to-do for a long time, full steam ahead when cooking next time.

  3. Dave,

    Glad you are getting some use out of my witterings.