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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Chair Bags

We have a couple of Isabella chairs which I purchased at the Manchester show.

They came packed in  plastic bags which are getting a bit holey and worn so I decided to purchase a couple of waterproof bags as Isabella chairs don't come cheap.

By coincidence I found a place which is local to us across the other side of Wakefield,"Bags 4 Everything":-

Bags 4 Everything

Purchased  a couple of bags and they fit a treat,you will need XL for Isabella chairs,they are £12.50 per bag.

They have a draw-string closure and come in Maroon,Blue and Green.

Even though they are a local firm I have nothing to do with them at all apart from being a first time customer.


1 comment:

  1. I,ve also used Bags 4 Everything and found them very helpful as the will change the Bag sizes if needed, Its nice to have a few Bags. My favourite one from them is a Awning bag that Zips on 3 sides, just right to give a airing when left in Van.