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Friday, 7 October 2011

Still Waiting

Well it has been a week now since i took the Orion to the dealers and no sign of it returning yet.

Hope it's not too much longer,still I would rather wait a while and have everything done and dusted rather than keep taking it back,would prefer it if it wasn't an 80 mile round trip but never mind.



  1. What need's sorted?

    Only niggle I've found so far is the occasional drip from the body of a tap but that can wait 'till service time. About a 40+ mile round trip for me.

  2. Colin,

    The list is:-

    1.Extra plug socket installed by dealer under the rear dinette,no power.

    2.Grill won't light,worked the first morning no problem but not the second.There is gas and a spark but the two don't seem to want to come together.

    3.The Reich mover only works when it wants to,which is infrequently ,I think this may have sorted itself out.

    4.When I came to empty the Thetford toilet cassette the locker was swimming in flush ( not the other stuff ).

    5.The TV ariel socket broke as soon as I plugged TV in.

    6.The paint is chipping off the venetian blind.

    7."Overspray" or something similar on the outside door frame.

    8.Fire extinguisher and CO detectors to fix.

    Mostly minor stuff but it wants seeing to.


  3. That's quite a list! Hope you get them all sorted first time.