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Monday, 24 October 2011


For any new/prospective users of the Orion 440/4,the front bed is far more comfy than the rear bed,for two anyway,not much difference I suspect if you are kipping on your own.

Both a bit of a pain to make up but we knew that when we purchased.



  1. We leave the rear setup as a bed permanently and have a memory foam topper on it.
    Probably should've got a fixed bed but who knows, side dinette might be needed sometime in the future.

  2. Colin,

    Yes I think we may tryleaving the rear bed made up.


  3. Hi Bob,as 440 owner, I find on the rear bed arrangement that the outside cushions move apart leaving a nice big gap.Trying to rectify this.
    Also perhaps you can help,do you find the roof lets in the light as in the roof panel is not completely opaque? regards Kev

  4. Kev,

    Welcome to BOB.

    Yes we have trouble with the triangular outside cushion,don't know what the answer is,we have tried adhesive Velcro but that didn't work but we have taken to sleeping in the front as we find it much more comfortable.

    Yes I suppose the roof does let in a bit of light come to think of it but I have never thought of it as a problem.


    1. Hi,many thanks for your reply,thought the roof may be a manufacturing defect as its the first van I have had with this quirk,must be the materials they use,thanks Kev