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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shockers contd.

Wunny has been observant and noticed that the price in the previous link was for one shocker only,crafty.

This link however is for a pair but P&P may need to be added.

Cheap Al-Ko Shockers - Pair



  1. Very interested in the info about shock absorbers. Has anyone fitted them on an Orion 440-4 with movers fitted in front of the axle ?

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding,have had a few computer problems.

    Yes we have had Al-Ko shockers fitted on our 440/4 with a Reich Compact mover fitted in front of the axle,no problem at all.


    1. Thank you Ian. Will order a pair today. Know the feeling re computers.

  3. Hey everyone fitted mine followed the \you tube instructions to the t everything went swimmingly only down side took me 3 to hours to do given the limited access to the underside of the caravan sitting on the drive but with the help of Junior we done it hehehe up side is saved myself around £150 in labour :-) Happy . Also took the opportunity to fit an extra electrical socket where the wardrobe abuts the small shelf . Happy but that was time consuming again 3 to 4 hours checking and measuring twice and cutting once so to speak but SWMBO will be happy to use the socket for the heated hair straightener's whilst admiring her self in the mirro .