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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

First View of New Bailey Pursuit

Below is a .pdf of the new Bailey Pursuit.

Bailey Pursuit

Can't help feeling a little underwhelmed although admittedly this is only a brief view of the exterior.

They seem to have raided the Orion parts bin for the front and kept the ridiculously too heavy front window unless they have reinforced the stays to support it.

There appears to be some sort of separate sun roof rather than the "all in one" of the Pegasus and Unicorn.

Nice to see the door hinging the other way to avoid the front window.

I wonder what happened to the aerodynamic and fuel saving Orion shape of a curved front and rear roof that was trumpeted when the Orion was launched,presumably the Pursuit is not as aerodynamic as its predecessor having what appears to be a more traditional straight back.

At least front locker door seems larger.

Lets hope they have ditched the Al-Ko spare wheel carrier for the wind down apparatus of the Pegasus GT65.

It will be interesting to see the interior layouts of the various models but just from the picture ( which is a little unfair I know ) there seems little to fuel an imminent  swap to the Pursuit.



  1. Ian, did you see my comments on CT about the Pursuit range model no's and a few details being on the Northam Farm website?

  2. Dave,

    Yes I saw your post.

    I must say the single fixed bed model looks interesting,we are off to the NEC show in a couple of weeks so will have a good look.