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Monday, 6 May 2013

End Of The Road Or A New Dawn ??

I was talking to a saleswoman at the dealers yesterday who informed me that the Bailey Olympus is/going to be no more,it is a dead parrot,deleted,discontinued.

More interestingly from our point of view was that she was determindely non-commital regarding the future of the Orion,whether it was going to be discontinued or revamped.

Certainly the Orions they had on sale they seemed determined to shift as the prices were discounted,plus a free motor mover,plus a free awning,plus free storage until the end of the year,so one way or another something seems to be afoot in Orion World.

The Baileys that they had on prominent "full price" display only consisted of Unicorns and Pegasus GT 65's.

So,is it an upgrade ( perhaps with the large panoramic window ) or is it the end ???



  1. Cripes, glad I already have my 440-4 although you don't see many about so maybe not as popular as they thought?

  2. Teddy,
    Personally I can't see them discontinuing the Orion ( although I have no more knowledge than anyone else ) as this would leave Bailey without an "entry level" caravan unless they replace it with something else.

    If the Olympus is discontinued and not replaced then that would only leave the Pegasus and Unicorn which are to the top end of the price range and not attractive to newbie caravanners like ourselves.

    So my money would be on an Orion upgrade but we will of course have to see,there may be nothing at all.


  3. Ian,
    A while back you fitted shock absorber to your Van and I followed you and also fitted a pair, you are right they definitely seem to improve the ride. I thought its my imagination at first and then wife said last weekend the Van is towing nice and stable in this wind.
    Its now an officially approved improvement,
    Many Thanks for the Tip,

  4. Dave,

    Yes you are correct I think they make such a world of difference they should be fitted ex-factory.

    As you say they make the van feel far more stable in windy conditions.


  5. Ian
    My info suggests at least 440/4 is no more.they will be mad to drop whole range there are 11 Orions in our storage 3 are 440/4s
    John B

  6. John,

    There is speculation,and I stress it is just speculation,on Caravan Talk that Bailey will discontinue the Orion and the Olympus and replace them with a new entry level van.