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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Matter of Weight ( Or For The Physics Graduates,Mass ).

Before we took the van off for a service we completely emptied it.

Whilst all the stuff was piled up in the garage I thought that I would weigh it just to check we weren't carrying too much.

The total was 90Kg + 25Kg for the mover  ( not of course including clothes or food ) to the accuracy of the bathroom scales and being "generous" on the weights.

So with a payload of 147Kg we are 32Kg under which is almost exactly the same margin as when we weighed it on a weighbridge after we purchased it.

Not going tell SWMBO of course or there will be 32Kg of clothes/make up etc. making its way caravanward.

Nice to know we are towing safely though.


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